How to read data type conversion block name using mscript

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How to read data type conversion block name using mscript
I used the below script but it was not working
Blockpaths = find_system('H217A_Power_Supply','Type','Data Type Conversion');

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Srivardhan 2023-6-9
Hi Vignesh,
As per my understanding, you would like to read the Data type conversion block names using “find_system” function.
In MATLAB the 'find_system’ function, both ‘type’ and ‘BlockType’ are search criteria that specify the type of Simulink blocks that you want to find in the model. The difference is that ‘type’ is used to find blocks based on their generic types such as ‘Blocks’, ‘lines’ and ‘Annotations’, while ‘BlockType’ is used to find blocks on their specific types such as ‘SubSystem’ and ‘DataTypeConversion’ etc.
Here is the code script using ‘BlockType’ you can check:
datatype_conver_blocks = find_system('BlockType', 'DataTypeConversion');
For further reference, please check out the links to learn more about polynomial functions and symbolic scalar variables:
I hope this resolves the issue you were facing.


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