How can I prepare my dataset to fed into a stacked Autoencoder

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I am trying to implement stacked autoencoder for image classification. But I am not able to understand how can I prepare my dataset to fed into a autoencoder. As it is being said in this link that we need to reshape the training images into a matrix, how can it be done? Please provide a sample code.

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Ranjeet 2023-6-27
Hi Debojit,
The guidance on how to prepare dataset to fed into a stacked network has been provided in the following example
However, I am rewriting the sample code that serves the purpose –
% Get the number of pixels in each image
imageWidth = 28;
imageHeight = 28;
inputSize = imageWidth*imageHeight;
% Load the test images
[xTestImages,tTest] = digitTestCellArrayData;
% Turn the test images into vectors and put them in a matrix
xTest = zeros(inputSize,numel(xTestImages));
for i = 1:numel(xTestImages)
xTest(:,i) = xTestImages{i}(:);
whos xTest xTestImages;
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes xTest 784x5000 31360000 double xTestImages 1x5000 31880000 cell
ans = 1×2
28 28
You may find the code snippet in the example as well. The second last line in the code converts an image ‘xTestImages{i} into a vector and store in a matrix ‘xTest.

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