Making a section in Python like Matlab

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Hello, I am a Matlab user and these days, I am working with Python. I don't know in which community that I should ask questions relating to this.
My questions is in Matlab, in a file, we can sectionalize by using '%%' and run each section separately. How do I sectionalize in Python and run the sections seperately?
Can someone answer this question. It will be a big help.


Al Danial
Al Danial 2023-6-10
Python IDEs such as Spyder also support code cels. The delimiter there is #%%. As in the matlab IDE, in Spyder you can run all the code in a Python cell before moving to the next one. Here's what code cells look like in Spyder:
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Al Danial
Al Danial 2023-6-14
In PyCharm the delimiter looks to be ##. Isn't clear to me if that's in all PyCharm versions or if you need the Pro version.


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Govind KM
Govind KM 2023-6-9
I don't think there is any equivalent functionality in Python. Maybe you can make a function for each section and run the required parts by just running the current line of code.


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