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If I have an application made from the matlab appdesigner that depends on external libraries (.dll), how can I make that .mlapp application run as an executable on a computer that does not have matlab?
Si lo hago usando "Share" me aparece el siguiente error.


Govind KM
Govind KM 2023-6-9
Hi Victor,
To run a MATLAB App created with App Designer on a computer that does not have MATLAB installed, you can compile the App into a standalone executable using MATLAB Compiler. The MATLAB Compiler allows you to package your MATLAB code, including any dependencies such as external libraries, into a standalone executable file that can be run on computers without MATLAB.
Here are the general steps to do this:
  • Open MATLAB and navigate to the directory where your MATLAB App files are located.
  • Use the MATLAB Compiler App or the command-line interface (MATLAB Compiler Command) to compile your MATLAB App. You will need to specify the main entry point file of your App, which is typically the .mlapp file.
  • During the compilation process, MATLAB Compiler will analyze the dependencies of your App and package them along with your code. This includes any external libraries (.dll) that your App depends on.
  • Once the compilation is complete, you will obtain an executable file (.exe) that you can distribute and run on computers without MATLAB. This executable will include a runtime environment that allows the App to run independently.
  • Transfer the generated executable file to the target computer that does not have MATLAB installed and simply run it to launch your App. You can also use MATLAB Runtime for this.
You can refer to the MATLAB Compiler documentation for detailed instructions and examples on using the MATLAB Compiler to compile your MATLAB App into a standalone executable.
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Victor Ruiz Escorihuela
I think I have solved the error that error thank you.


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