Interpolation of graphical output in color-coded scatterplot

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Hello all,
I have some positional (x,y,z coordinate) data with corresponding activation time value (of signal propagation through the heart), which I have assigned color values (not sure if relevant- but did this by dividing the activation time value range into 8 equal portions and assigned a different color to each). I then graphed the data as a 3 dimensional scatterplot, which each point displaying the color assigned to it. I have attached a file detailing the code I used for color assigning.
I would now like to create a graphical output with a smoother surface that is easier for visualization. Ideally I would like the interpolation to be done on the scatterplot. I also want to keep the same exact color scheme displayed in the original scatterplot of raw data. I have been tinkering with ways to smooth out the surface using 'trisurf' and a few other functions, but cannot seem to be able to preserve the colors I assigned in the original scatter plot. Any help with this task would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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AN 2023-6-9
Apologies, this is an example of a data file I would be analyzing that I forgot to attach in the original question.


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Ranjeet 2023-6-28
The problem you are trying to solve is essentially interpolation of a 3D scattered data.
The following resources are suggested to go through –
  1. MATLAB answer solving same problem - Interpolation of a scatter plot
  2. Introduction to scattered data interpolation - Interpolating scattered data
  3. Using scatteredInterpolant for 3D interpolation - 3D interpolation
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AN 2023-7-1
Hi Ranjeet,
Thank you for your answer! I have come across the functions you mentioned. However, I would like to interpolate the scattered points while retaining the color scheme which I manually created (RGB array). Would you have any suggestion for that?



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