Error in running narx, feedforward netowrk

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Narx network, Feedforward network throwing the below error.
Not enough input arguments.
Error in mse (line 2)
mseValue = mean((ytrue-ypred).^2,"omitnan");
Error in network>new_network (line 142)
net.performParam = mse('defaultParam');
Error in network (line 71)
net = new_network(varargin{:});
Error in feedforwardnet>create_network (line 105)
net = network;
Error in feedforwardnet (line 73)
net = create_network(param);
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Sanket Naik
Sanket Naik 2023-6-12
It looks like it's due to specific version. Even same error occurs even when i run internal examples(TrainNARXNetworkAndPredictOnNewDataExample).


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Ranjeet 2023-6-27
Hi Sanket,
The error you are facing is same as the one in the following link -
Have a look at the suggestions by in the question.


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