Matlab/Simulink R2010b compatibility

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Could you please confirm if an .mdl file developped with Matlab/Simulink R2010b is compatibel with latest Matlab version R2023a ?
what action needs to be done to perform such upgarde.
Thank you.


Govind KM
Govind KM 2023-6-15
Hi hanane,
In general, .mdl files developed with an earlier version of MATLAB/Simulink, such as R2010b, will be compatible with newer versions of MATLAB, including R2023a. MATLAB maintains backward compatibility to ensure that code and models developed in previous versions can still be used in newer releases.
However, there might be some cases where compatibility issues arise due to changes or updates in MATLAB/Simulink between versions. To ensure compatibility, you can follow these steps :
  • Open the .mdl file in MATLAB/Simulink R2023a and check for any compatibility warnings or errors that may be displayed. MATLAB will provide notifications if any issues are detected.
  • Pay attention to any deprecated functions, blocks, or features used in the .mdl file. Changes or replacements for certain functions or blocks may have been introduced in newer versions. If some deprecated functionality exists in your .mdl file, you will need to use the recommended alternative functionality as a replacement.
  • Test the functionality of the .mdl file in R2023a by running simulations or executing the desired tasks. Ensure that the model behaves as expected and produces the desired results.
  • If it works in R2023a as expected, you can then save the model as R2023a model (.slx or .mdl).
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hanane 2023-6-15
Thank you very much for your feedback.
I ll then start reading the old mdl file with latest MATLAB/Simulink R2023a version


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hanane 2023-6-16
installing R2010b from windows 7 into windows 10.
Could you please support/provide the link (installation package win10 and licence) in order to activate the same licence in Win10 R2010b has MaxLic of 5.
Please let me know if any input required from my end.
Thank you.


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