calculate throughput of FPGA in simulink

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I designed a model for a Reinforcement learning algorithm in FPGA using Simulink how can I calculate the throughput?

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Raghava S N
Raghava S N 2023-6-27
编辑:Raghava S N 2023-6-27
Hi Arwa,
AMD give a guide on using the Simulation Data Inspector(SDI) to find throughput- I've linked it here. You can also find the Simulink documentation for the SDI here. Hope this helps.

Nithin Kumar
Nithin Kumar 2023-9-4
编辑:Nithin Kumar 2023-9-4
Hi Arwa,
I understand that you want to calculate the throughput of a Reinforcement learning algorithm model in FPGA using Simulink.
To calculate the throughput of a model in FPGA using Simulink, kindly refer to the following steps:
  1. Model your FPGA design in Simulink:Create a Simulink model that represents your FPGA design. This can include various blocks and components that implement your desired functionality.
  2. Determine the critical path:Identify the critical path in your FPGA design. The critical path is the longest path in terms of propagation delay, and it determines the maximum achievable throughput.
  3. Measure the critical path delay:Use simulation tools in Simulink to measure the delay of the critical path. This can be done by adding timing probes or using simulation features such as the "Simulation Data Inspector."
  4. Calculate the throughput:Once you have the critical path delay, you can calculate the throughput of your FPGA design using the formula:
Throughput = 1 / Critical Path Delay
To know more information about the calculation of throughput of a model in FPGA using Simulink, kindly refer to the following documentation.
I hope this answer helps you.


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