Is there any color halftone simulator?

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Dear all,
Is there any tool (hopefully a matlab tool) that can let us to try different color halftone experiments?
For example if:
layer 1 = 'Brown' color, dot Size '2', angle '45'
layer 2 = 'Cyan' color, dot Size '5', angle '60'
layer 3 = 'Red' color, dot Size '3', angle '20'
What will be the final color obsered by our eyes?
Any suggestion will be very appriciated.
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Mesho 2023-10-24
编辑:Walter Roberson 2023-10-24
Hi Walter. I tried to make my question clearer in this link
I would appreciate if you could comment on it.
Thank you in advance.


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Govind KM
Govind KM 2023-6-23
Hi Mustafa,
You can use the MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox which provides a comprehensive set of functions for image processing tasks, including color halftoning. You can use functions like dither, fspecial, and imquantize to apply various halftoning techniques and manipulate color images.
You can also use this Halftoning Toolbox which is a third-party toolbox specifically designed for halftoning experiments in MATLAB. It provides a collection of functions and algorithms for grayscale and color halftoning. You can find more information and download the toolbox from here:
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Mesho 2023-10-24
Thank you for sending the link. It is a very nice toolbox for halftoning in matlab but it doesn't let you try experiment conditions in the way that I described above.





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