Adalm Pluto Detection Problem

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Ekin Akan
Ekin Akan 2023-7-12
评论: Ekin Akan ,2023-7-13
I installed the Communication Toolbox Support Package for Analog Device ADALM-Pluto Radio like in first figure.
I decided to configuring my Hardware Support Package from second figure.
I use Windows 11 and in the next processes, it is connected to the computer of Adalm Pluto via usb cable without extra power supply. During to configuration and Updating PlutoSDR Radio Firmware part (given in third figure) instead of removing device from file explorer, I safely remove hardware by mistakenly.
Now my computer do not detect the Adalm Pluto.
As it should be in the last figure Adalm Pluto is not detected by my computer.
What should I do?

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Harsh Kumar
Harsh Kumar 2023-7-13
编辑:Harsh Kumar 2023-7-13
Hi Ekin,
I understand that your machine (Windows 11) is not able to detect Adalm Pluto after the Hardware support package configuration.
Here are some of the steps you can try to resolve this issue:
  1. There are some known issues in this regard. Please refer to the below documentation link for more information on some common issue and their fixes.
  2. You can also may try reinstalling the package and deleting any previous installation if it might have corrupted because of the configuration or hardware issues using the attached documentation link.
  3. If the issue persists, please contact MathWorks support.
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Ekin Akan
Ekin Akan 2023-7-13
Hi Harsh,
Actually I have reviewed these pages before.
Unfortunately first link is not so related to my problems and my computer needs to detect Adalm Pluto so I can do the operations on the second link.
But thank you for your attention.



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