MPS Dashboard log does not match Main.log

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While looking at the MPS dashboard, I notice that the instance logs through the dashboard have more detail than the main.log on the linux host. My logging settings are set to:
Severity: informational
Log Archive Max Size: 1GB
Log Rotation Size: 100 MB
I have my logs on the linux host being forwarded to splunk and I'd like to generate usage stats, what apps are being used and what instances are heavily used. With what I'm seeing on the dashboard it looks like that's possible but from what I'm seeing on the linux host I don't see it. Where can I find the same logs they show in the dashboard or how can I make sure that all the dashboard logging is being sent out to a flat file on the linux host? Ultimately I'd like to see what application is being used, when it is first called and then when it ends, if that is available somewhere else as a flat file I can work with that.

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Dinesh 2023-8-17
Hi Rauf
I understand that you are trying to get the log files that MATLAB production server produces. The 'main.log' file is the most recent log file. The entire log is not present in the main.log file.
If the 'log-archive-root' property is configured then once the 'main.log' file exceeds the specified size limit defined by the 'log-rotation-size' property, the server will proceed to rename the file as 'main__DATE__SERIAL.log' and store it in the designated folder specified by the 'log-archive-root' property.
You can go through the folder set in the 'log-archive-root' property and find those logs and use them to perform any analysis required.
If the 'log-archive-root' property is not set then rotated logs remain in the 'log root directory', which grows unbounded as logs are rotated.
Please refer the following MATLAB documentations for more details
Hope this helps.


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