Alaternate for Road Runner

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PRAJWAL ANAR 2023-7-20
回答: Dinesh ,2023-8-16
Is there any alternante add on for road runner and road runner senario.

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Dinesh 2023-8-16
Hi Prajwal
I understand that you want to know more about the add-ons for RoadRunner in MATLAB. MATLAB Roadrunner has the following add-ons.
  1. RoadRunner Asset Library: It is a set of 3D models and assets for 3D scenes created with RoadRunner. The library provides hundreds of models, including road and highway signs, traffic signals, road surface markings, trees, barriers, and road damage textures, such as cracks and oil spills.
  2. Road Runner Scene Builder Add-on: It imports and automatically synthesizes 3D road models from HERE HD Live Map Road data, TomTom AVRO files, and RoadRunner HD Map files.
For more information regarding these add-ons please refer the following MATLAB documentation.
Hope this helps.

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