Could not run installer file after download.

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After login to the mathworks website, I tried to install MATLAB R2023a version in my laptop as per my course reqquirements, but I could not do it. I have successfully installed R2022a version in my laptop but could not install the latest version. Can anybody help me with this?

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Dinesh 2023-9-18
编辑:Dinesh 2023-9-18
Hi Sandeep,
I understand that you are unable to install MATLAB R2023a version. Given you are able to install MATLAB R2022a, this issue might be because of MATLAB system requirements.
Please refer to the following MATLAB system requirements documentation
  1. System Requirements and Supported Compilers
  2. MATLAB R2023b System Requirements
The following MATLAB Answers threads might be helpful to solve the issue
  1. Why does the MathWorks product installer fail to start on windows
  2. Why does the MathWorks product installer fail to start on linux
  3. Are mathworks products compatible with windows 11
If the issue persists, please contact MATHWORKS support by visiting the following link:
Hope this helps.
Best Regards,
Dinesh Reddy Gatla.


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