Ordering the name of excel files from short to longer length

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Hello everyone,
I have a script which split an excel file into several excel files using this code:
data = readtable('dataset.xlsx');
stations = unique(data.Station);
for i=1:numel(stations)
x = data(data.Station==stations(i), :);
FYI, each file created using such code has different lengths. For example:
Sta_1 --> 8 rows;
Sta_2 --> 3 rows;
Sta_3 --> 6 rows.
My question is... is it possible to order from the shorter length to longer length when using writable function?
So, I want the file names is ordered based on the length of the file, i.e.,
Sta_1 --> file with 3 rows;
Sta_2 --> file with 6 rows;
Sta_3 --> file with 8 rows.


kei hin
kei hin 2023-9-12
编辑:kei hin 2023-9-12
Check the length inside the for loop and store the sorted result in variables, then use the writetable outside the for loop.
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