I want to choose the proper OS and want to confirm RTSP playback after camera calibration

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I'm doing a project with a RP4 using the camera calibration to remove fisheye distortion and need to know a few thing before starting:
  • The Matlab website shows that the Debian Bullseye operating system works with Matlab. Does the new Bookworm system work, also?
  • If so, can it utilize the 64-bit version of BookWorm?
  • I've seen a lot of information and videos on calibration of cameras but I've not seen the use of that calibration in real time. Once you calibrate the camera(s), can you use the cameras in real time? (I would assume so, but want to confirm)
  • If you can use the distortion correction in real time, what kind of overhead is used? (I'm trying to determine how much CPU might be used and what is leftover for motion detection and recording.)
Thank you!


MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
Hi ,
Currently MATLAB Support Package for the Raspberry pi do not support new Bookworm OS.
Our team is considering to support Bookworm OS in future release.
MATLAB Hardware Team

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