Elegoo Uno R3 arduino clone not interfacing with matlab software.

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Hi, I've been using an elegoo uno R3 as a substitute arduino for a major project, and I've run into issues connecting it in matlab. Ive used the arduino("COM3","Uno","TraceOn",true) command to no avail. The error i most often get back is "Unable to find arduino hardware at COM3. First argument must be a valid Serial port, Bluetooth address/name or IP address/hostname", i've gotten the arduino to setup once using arduinosetup but i couldnt get it to actually run at the end.

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Hassaan 2024-2-21
1. Verify Serial Port:
  • Check Port: Ensure you're using the correct serial port number. Open the Arduino IDE and go to Tools -> Port. This will display the port your Arduino is connected to.
  • Check Availability: Confirm the selected port isn't being used by other applications. Close any software that might be using the port, like terminal emulators or other development environments.
2. Install and Configure MATLAB Support Package:
3. Check Connection and Code:
  • Hardware Connection: Double-check the physical connection between your Elegoo Uno R3 and the computer. Use a good quality USB cable and ensure it's securely plugged into both ports.
  • Arduino Code: Verify that your Arduino code is properly uploaded and running on the board. It should be able to communicate over serial communication.
4. Additional Tips:
  • Restart: Restart both your computer and the Arduino board after making any changes.
  • Check Firewall: If you have a firewall enabled, ensure it's not blocking communication between MATLAB and the Arduino.
  • Reinstall Drivers: Try reinstalling the Arduino drivers for your Elegoo Uno R3.
Troubleshooting Specific Errors:
  • "Unable to find arduino hardware at COM3": This usually indicates an incorrect port selection, unavailable port, or missing drivers. Double-check the port number and ensure the Arduino is properly connected and recognized by your computer.
  • "arduinosetup failed": This error might be related to the Arduino code or configuration. Ensure the code is compatible with the MATLAB Support Package and uploaded successfully to the board.
Alternative Approach:
If you continue to face difficulties, consider using the Arduino IDE to test your code and communicate with the Arduino board. Once you have a working setup, you might be able to integrate it with MATLAB using data logging or other techniques.
You should be able to successfully connect your Elegoo Uno R3 to MATLAB and utilize it for your project. If you encounter further issues, provide more details about your specific setup, code, and error messages for further assistance.
If you find the solution helpful and it resolves your issue, it would be greatly appreciated if you could accept the answer. Also, leaving an upvote and a comment are also wonderful ways to provide feedback.
It's important to note that the advice and code are based on limited information and meant for educational purposes. Users should verify and adapt the code to their specific needs, ensuring compatibility and adherence to ethical standards.
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MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
You can consider using BaudRate Name-Value pair in the arduino object creation and give a try
>> a = arduino("COM3","Uno","TraceOn",true,"BaudRate",9600)
Please feel free to reach out to technical support if you are still facing this issue,
MATLAB Hardware Team


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