Live Transmission of Arduino Serial Plotter data to Matlab help

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I am using the Myoware with two Artemis RedBoards which are set up as Peripheral and Central
Now I want to live transmit the data from the Myoware to Matlab for signal processing but it is not connecting.
I tried downloading the MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware and the hardware setup pops up
How should I proceed from here? I am using R2021b
Any help you can give will be appreciated
I have tried skipping this step and programming
s = serial('COM9');
fopen(s); <- This line gave an error

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MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
Thank you for reaching out.
Currently, the MATLAB Support Package for Arduino hardware does not include support for Artemis RedBoards.
For your specific needs, you might find the following approach useful:
MATLAB Hardware Team


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