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Paulo 2024-4-10
评论: 2024-5-19,22:06
I just acquired the new Raspberry Pi 5, and wanted to connect to it through MATLAB. I'm using MATLAB 2021b, and followed the steps in setting up the Support package page for Raspberry Pi hardware. However, when I am asked to select a board there is no option for the Raspberry Pi 5 model, which prompts to me to think that's not yet supported. Is this the case?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2024-4-10
You can set up your Raspberry Pi hardware using either the MathWorks® Raspbian image or by customizing the Raspbian Linux operating system on your Raspberry Pi, namely Stretch or Buster. The MathWorks Raspbian image is composed of the latest Raspbian image with all the libraries and packages required to make the image compatible with MATLAB and Simulink®.
You can set up your Raspberry Pi hardware using any 32-bit Raspberry Pi Linux® operating system on your Raspberry Pi, namely Buster or Bullseye.
I speculate that your new Raspberry Pi has Bullseye installed.
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Paulo 2024-4-11
Hey. Apologies if the question was poorly formulated, but the issue I am having is not setting up the software itself. My Raspberry Pi hardware (Raspberry Pi 5) seems not to be supported by the current MATLAB support package (version 21.2.3). I just wanted confirmation whether this is the case in MATLAB 2021b. I am attaching an image for further clarification.


MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
Hi Paulo,
Currently ,Raspberry 5 is not supported till R2024a. But we are planning to support it in the upcoming releases.
MATLAB Hardware Team
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Santino Bianco
Santino Bianco 2024-5-2
I have R2024a and can confirm that Raspberry Pi 5 is not a selectable option in the Hardware Setup GUI. What is the projected release data for Raspberry Pi 5 support?
Um, I also hope to be able to use the support option for Raspberry Pi 5 in MATLAB R2024a as soon as possible. Thank you.



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