How to use 'idfrd' system object as a channel model in simulink

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Hello dear members,
I have created an idfrd object using measured frequency response data (using Magnitude/Angle measurements). Now I want to incorporate this data into a continuous time SISO model, which I can place as the channel between Tx/Rx in a communication system simulation.
I have tried using 'LTI system' block from Control System Toolbox library, but it does not support idfrd system object.
What can I do now? Is there any alternative way to address this issue? I am using Matlab/Simulink 2014a.


Arkadiy Turevskiy
Arkadiy Turevskiy 2015-4-24
You cannot do time domain simulation on a frequency response model. What you can do is fir a transfer function or state space model to match the measured frequency response. You can use commands tfest and ssest for that. Once you have a transfer function/state-space object, you'll be able to simulate in Simulink using LTI system block or just Transfer Function and State Space blocks.
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Glo 2015-4-24
Thank you for your answer. That is exactly what I did. I used state-space modeling of the frequency domain data (in System Identification Toolbox), and exported the model as 'idss' object. Then used that object in LTI system block in Simulink.
I hope I am following the correct path. :)


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