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How can I use the Download Only option in the MATLAB installer to create segregated installation folders for each operating system?

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I am a MATLAB license administrator, and I am using the 'Download Only' option in the MATLAB installer to download installation files for my users to install MATLAB in an environment without internet access. When I select multiple operating systems in the Download Only menu, the installer downloads all of the installation files into one large folder containing the installation files for every operating system.
I would like the installer to download the installation files into separate folders for each operating system. This way I do not need to give an overly-large installation package to each of my users. How can this be accomplished?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 16 Jul 2015
This can be accomplished by running through the Download Only process multiple times, once for each operating system.
Start by creating a separate folder for each operating system that you would like to download the installation files for. For example, if you need to download for every operating system, create four folders:
  • Windows-64-bit
  • Windows-32-bit
  • OSX
  • Linux-64-bit
Then, run the MATLAB installer and use the Download Only option. Select the first folder (Windows-64-bit) to download the files into. Then, only select the 64 bit Windows files to be downloaded. Allow the installer to proceed and download the files.
Then, run the installer again and use the same process, selecting the Windows-32-bit folder, and allow the installer to download the 32 bit Windows files into that folder.
Repeat until you have done this for each desired operating system. You will now have a separate installation folder containing only the files required to install MATLAB on each individual operating system. Provide these installation folders to your users based on the operating system that they are using.


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