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huriya maheen
huriya maheen 2016-2-29
回答: Srivardhan ,2023-5-31
suppose we have two polynomials
s0 =h0(x0-x2)-h1x1,
s1 =h0x1+h1(x0-x2)
these two polynomials require 4 multiplications this is reduced to 3 multiplications by writing these equations in matrix form shown below:
can u tell me how to write polynomial into these matrices and code for it in MATLAB

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Srivardhan 2023-5-31
Hi Huriya,
As per my understanding, you would like to write the given polynomials in the matrix form.
MATLAB represents polynomials as numeric vectors, assuming h0, h1, x0, x1, x2, s0, and s1 as symbolic scalar variables. We could define the polynomial in other forms and represent the polynomial in the matrix form.
syms x0 x1 x2 h0 h1 s0 s1
s = [[1 0 -1]; [1 -1 0]]*[[h0 0 0];[0 h0-h1 0];[0 0 h0+h1]]*[x0+x1- x2;x0-x2;x1];
s0 = s(1);
s1 = s(2);
For further reference, please check out the links to learn more about polynomial functions and symbolic scalar variables:
I hope this resolves the issue you were facing.


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