How to get f28377s support packages in simulink library?

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Sir, I want to interface my delfino F28377S with matlab but there is no support package available in matlab simulink library even after installing all available c2000 installer packages in matlab2014 and also in 2015. Please suggest me a solution to this issue.

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016-3-29
You need Embedded Coder and the Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000. This support package includes a block library for the F2837xS (starting with R2015b and on).

varun lal
varun lal 2016-11-21
编辑:varun lal 2016-11-21
How to get started with 28379D launchpad with matlab, to blink an LED? Is there a step by step tutorial on configuration and all?
I am getting the following error when i tried checkEnvSetup
>> checkEnvSetup('ccsv5','f28379','check') Error using checkEnvSetup_private Unsupported board/processor "f28379".
same with
>> checkEnvSetup('ccsv5','f28377','check') Error using checkEnvSetup_private Unsupported board/processor "f28377".
>> checkEnvSetup('ccsv5','f28335','check') shows the details
I can compile the instaspin F28069 example
So anyone please help me with step by step tutorial in configuring with 28379D, thanks
I am using matlab2016b, CCS6.1

kak 2017-5-28
Hi all,
Need to work on f28379d , Any idea the support package is available in matlab R2017a??


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