Matlab Coder, Compiler can't find "tmwtypes.h"

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Hello, I got Matlab Code from the Neural Net Pattern Recognition Toolbox and I tried to generate C++ Code with the Matlab Coder. But when I select Static Library or Source Code, Atmel AVR(8-bit) as Device (for Arduino) and the Arduino AVR toolchain the Arduino IDE always returns:
sketch\generated_code\interface\_coder_NeuralNetwork_api.c:12:22: fatal error: tmwtypes.h: No such file or directory
#include "tmwtypes.h"
Why didn't the Matlab Coder create that Library?
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A.H.T.Eranga De Silva
Did you check the PacknGo feature in the Matlab coder?
Unless, do experience it please. I think that will solve your problem.
The PacknGo feature creates a folder containing all in one. Then try creating the project inside the PacknGo created folder.



Kai 2016-6-7
Problem solved.
Just use the Windows search, look for the filename on your HDD and copy it to your project folder!
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Joaquin Ambia
Joaquin Ambia 2017-9-27
There might be a few files with the same name "tmwtypes.h". To be safe, you should always use the one in: matlabroot\extern\include.


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may miao
may miao 2020-1-9
If anybody had problem in matlab:
c:\program files\matlab\r2019a\extern\include\matrix.h(683): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: “tmwtypes.h”: No such file or directory.
You can solve it in this way:
Find the matrix.h, row 683,change “ include<tmwtypes.h> into "include“tmwtypes.h”".

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2016-6-1

Kai 2016-6-7
Aren't I am doing exactly the same when I tick the lib option in the matlab coder? The help says:" lib for embeddable C/C++ static libraries " When I type " codegen NeuralNetwork -args {1} -config:lib " in the command window I always get a error:
??? Index expression out of bounds. Attempted to access element 5. The valid range is 1-1. More information Error in ==> NeuralNetwork Line: 12 Column: 22 Code generation failed: View Error Report Error using codegen
In Line 12 I am indexing the input value of the Function (which should be a inf x 5 Matrix) in the fifth column.
Am I using the codegen command wrong? How can I get the missing tmwtypes.h file?

cui,xingxing 2019-10-12
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