Does Embedded Coder support for TI C6000?

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Does Embedded Coder support for TI C6000?


MathWorks Embedded Coder Team
编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2020-4-1
Embedded Coder’s Hardware Support Package for TI C6000 is discontinued from R2016b and beyond. However, you can still generate code using Embedded Coder by selecting TI C6000 as the device vendor on Hardware Implementation pane for ANSI-C, as well as, create your own target-optimizations using code replacement libraries .

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learner 2016-12-15
Hello, I am trying to control tms320f28335 using Matlab. I am using Matlab version 2012b, I found that Embedded coder tool package can be used for controlling DSP along with Code Composer. i looked up many times i couldn't find actual Embedded coder package .looking up the above comment says it doesn't work anymore. But is there anyway i could download the old version? i tried other links too but doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions and tips would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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彦杰 2023-6-8
I made the same attempt, can the official historical version be made available? I suspect that the historical version of matlab is not officially available on the web, so there is no way to download it


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