Printing Plots in Matlab

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abe Martin
abe Martin2016-10-3
回答: Joe Yeh ,2016-10-4
I am trying to print a plot in Matlab and print it as a pdf but I keep encountering an error. I appreciate your help and input.
x = [2 4 7 2 4 5 2 5 1 4];
Warning: Files produced by the 'pdfwrite'
driver cannot be sent to printer.
File saved to disk under name 'figure1.pdf'.
> In name (line 73)
In print (line 200)
Error using name (line 102)
Cannot create output file '.\figure1.pdf'.
Error in print (line 200)
pj = name( pj );

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Joe Yeh
Joe Yeh 2016-10-4
The problem comes from your way of calling the command. When you do :
print(1, '-dpdf')
You're telling MATLAB to send data to printer number 1. This is apparently not what you intended to do. Instead, you should do this:
print('plot.pdf', '-dpdf')
Please consult Print documentation

Guðmundur 2016-10-4
Try using saveas function, or switching the renderer, that might help.
x = [2 4 7 2 4 5 2 5 1 4];
filename = 'plot1';
set(gcf,'renderer','paint') % 'opengl' is default renderer
saveas(gcf, filename, 'pdf') % Save figure


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