Is the MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Runtime compatible with macOS Sierra?

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Is MATLAB Compiler compatible with macOS Sierra? Are the MATLAB Runtime and MATLAB compiled applications compatible with macOS Sierra?


MathWorks Support Team
编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2021-9-2
The release of macOS Sierra affected the MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Runtime in the following ways:
Xcode 8
Xcode 8 was released alongside macOS Sierra. MATLAB R2016b should be able to detect Xcode 8 as a compiler.  Xcode 8 may work, however, it is not currently a supported compiler for MATLAB R2016b. For more information on supported compilers please refer to the following documentation page:
For users of MATLAB R2016a, and prior releases, MATLAB will not be able to detect Xcode 8.
Locale detection changes in macOS Sierra
macOS Sierra introduced changes that impact many non-United States regions and locales. This change may result in:
  • Character data loaded into MATLAB and re-saved might be corrupted in the process.
  • MATLAB does not show localized user interfaces and messages in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
For more information on the impacted locales, please see the following MATLAB Answers post:
For users of the MATLAB Compiler, and Applications relying on the MATLAB Runtime, that are affected by the issue described in the above post a patch is now available.  Please see the following bug report to download and apply the patch:

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