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How to do it?

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Gemalyn Apostol
Gemalyn Apostol2016-10-25
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How to plot thesurface f=(x1-3)2+(x2-3)2 and add the boundary surface g=10(x1+x2≥4)? Thanks

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xiexiezaijian 2016-10-25
I see, if no boundary, it will be easy with the help of built-in functions:
1. [x,y] = meshgrid(input arguments)% get the mesh grid point
2. z = (x-3).^2 + (y-3).^2;%calculate the z value
3. surface(x,y,z);% plot the surface
4. shading interp% make the surface more pretty
I get quite confused about your boundary condition: g = 10(x1+x2≥4); maybe you should set z value at these points to NaN, and continue with surface(x,y,z); shading interp
z(points out the boundary) = nan;

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