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My laptop has AMD RADEON graphics card,but when i am executing a CNN classification program ,requiring GPU, it is giving an error cuda driver can not be located since i doesn't have NVIDIA gpu .Please give me some solution of it .


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Nov 2016
The only solution is to change to a system with NVidia GPU.
There are two competing GPU interfaces: NVidia's proprietary system, and every else's OpenCL. Mathworks does not support OpenCL at all.


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Jan 2019
Because of the differences in OpenCL support, optimizing graphics performance may depend greatly on manufacturer and model of the device. Not just in a "some models are faster/slower than others" but rather "these manufacturers/models do not have the capability to do things this way and we have to take other computational paths."
My understand, by the way, is that the portion lf Mathworks customers who use Apple hardware is diminishing (but the ones on Apple are still often passionate about Apple.) With Apple getting out of OpenGL and switching to Metal, which is not used by any other vendor, and with persistent rumours that Apple is getting out of the desktop business, it is not obvious how much longer Mathworks can afford to support Apple (said as someone who uses Apple and often gets frustrated as heck on MS Windows.)
LeChat on 15 May 2019
Do you folks at Mathworks know the proportion of Mac vs Linux vs Windows users in the Matlab community? In any case, you should be careful, with Python 3 and Julia growing, there is a chance bad marketing choices may have pretty bad consequences... Please don’t let Mac or Linux users down. You’d loose lots of people in education and academics.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 May 2019
I saw some approximate figures recently. The number of Android users has exceeded the number of Mac and iOS users by a fair margin. "market forces" would suggest dropping Mac and switching the effort to native Android.
However completely different market forces are pushing for cloud implementation in which the local component is just a web based display interface with ability read local files and display streaming media, giving up on much of the Windows or Mac or Linux implementation in favor of whatever was most effective to run in the cloud (possibly whatever flavor of Unix is most supported by aws and azure)
Talking about "marketing forces" goes both ways, as Mathworks is not a small company and the users were tend to hear from are the minority of where their money comes from.

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Michal Kvasnicka
Michal Kvasnicka on 30 Nov 2016
MATLAB use for GPU computing CUDA technology, which is supported only by NVIDIA cards.


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mengmeng y
mengmeng y on 21 Oct 2018
Edited: John D'Errico on 21 Oct 2018
Why does amd's computer graphics card not support the operation of matlab?
I am very anxious to use matlab? But the online tutorial is not right. Is there any way to use matlab under amd?If you have a solution, can you send it to me, thank you very much.


John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 21 Oct 2018
Please stop making multiple answers when you just want to ask a question. Learn to use the comments instead. I've edited two of your answers into one, that never should have been an answer in the first place.
As far as using MATLAB itself, you can still use it regardless of the graphics card. It is just GPU computing that will be problematic.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Oct 2018
MATLAB can work with any graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.1 or later, but prefers OpenGL 3.3 or later. There are, though, some graphics cards such as Intel HD1000 graphics cards, for which the graphics drivers are known to have sufficient bugs that they are not usable (HD1000 has not been produced for several years now.)
Using gpuArray or some of the Deep Learning programs is all that requires NVIDIA graphics cards.

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