Measurement Computing data acquisition devices support in Data Acquisition Toolbox across releases

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MathWorks Support Team
编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2017-11-3
Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware is supported via the Session interface in MATLAB R2017a.
Supported functionality is for analog input and analog output operations (Voltage measurement channels with inputSingleScan, outputSingleScan, startForeground, startBackground) in MATLAB.
The following functionality is NOT currently supported, but it is considered for a future release:
 - Digital channels
 - Hardware trigger
 - External clock
 - Compatibility with Data Acquisition Toolbox Simulink blocks
To use Measurement Computing devices you need to install the "Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Measurement Computing Hardware" Add-on from MATLAB Add-On Explorer.
  MATLAB R2016a - R2016b
Measurement Computing data acquisition devices are not supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox in MATLAB R2016a - R2016b.
  MATLAB R2015b and prior
Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware is supported only by the Legacy interface (analoginput, analogoutput, digitalio) in 32-bit MATLAB installations.

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Hilde Lea
Hilde Lea 2019-6-17
Dear MathWorks Support Team,
Could you please update on this matter? The MCC support page on the Mathworks website just sends me here, but this is more than 18 months old. I'd particularly like to know if DIO is now supported in the newer Matlab versions.
Thank you.


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