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Hovering mouse over a variable suddenly doesn't show present value in R2015b?

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Cynthia Waltho
Cynthia Waltho on 13 Mar 2017
Commented: Benjamin Bernard on 28 Sep 2019
Ever since I installed MATLAB on my computer this feature was working, then recently it does not. I saw someone else had an issue but it was solved by re-enabling the feature in preferences.
Any reason why (a) this feature was always working in my R2015b, and is now not saving to be always on when I open matlab.
And, (b) why when this feature is enabled, it does not work in my local functions, and only in my main?
I'm getting frustrated since it greatly speeds up my debugging!

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Adam on 13 Mar 2017
Is this the case for all variables in all cases or some specific circumstance? e.g. a variable that is both the input and the output of a function will not be visible from the calling function while the function that operates on it is active.

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Answers (2)

prasanth s
prasanth s on 2 Mar 2019
Edited: prasanth s on 2 Mar 2019
I got this issue in matlab 2018a. I found that one of my variable name is 'eval'. 'eval' is an inbuild function name, so i changed the variable name. now it fixed.

Brandon Eidson
Brandon Eidson on 16 Mar 2017
Hey Cynthia, I believe the feature to which you are referring is the ability to view variable values in a data tip window while your execution is paused in debug mode. If so, this feature should be enabled by default. The documentation linked to below describes how to use this feature.
I am a little unclear on how the "Enable datatips in edit mode" preference affects this feature. I will submit a request that his documentation be enhanced.
That documentation also mentions some cases when the feature will not work--such as when MATLAB is in the process of overwriting a variable. However, if you believe you are not able to use the feature when you should, I would encourage you to uninstall and reinstall MATLAB. If you are still experiencing the issue, please contact MathWorks Technical Support.
If I understand your second question correctly, I believe the reason is that the MATLAB data tip can only display the values of the variables in the current workspace. I think this is what Adam was getting at. If your debugger is paused in your "main" script, it will not be able to display variable values in function workspaces. You can read more about this distinction in the documentation linked to below.


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