jupyter notebook vs live scripts

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What are the differences between Live Scripts and Jupyter notebooks?


David Garrison
David Garrison 2017-3-17

The Live Editor and the Jupyter Notebook are similar in that you can mix code with output, run code in sections, and add formatted text, images, and equations to tell a story.

The Live Editor provides a new way to develop code for exploratory programming, to create an interactive narrative, and to present or teach. In particular, the Live Editor allows you to

  • Choose between inline output and output on the right
  • Zoom, pan, and rotate plots and get the generated code
  • Format text interactively rather than through markdown
  • Create equations using LaTeX or through an interactive equation editor
  • Use functions hints, tab completion, and code analysis tools

The Live Editor is available in desktop MATLAB and in MATLAB Online. To find out more about the Live Editor, go the Live Editor web page. You can find example live scripts in the MATLAB documentation and on the MATLAB File Exchange.

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Hechuan Wang
Hechuan Wang 2018-9-4
More importantly, livescript utilize matlab debugger and workspace inspector, but jupyter does not have debugger or variable inspector out of box.

Kouichi C. Nakamura
Both Jupyter Notebook and R Notebooks support markdown, but for back-compatibility reasons (I think) MATLAB's Live Editor uses MATLAB's own markup language for the text part. This is OK, but rather unfortunate, I think.

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