Can I change the Simulink scope default from black bacground to white background?

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I prefer white background for the scope plots. The colors can be changed using the 'Style' dialog box, but is there as way to save a color scheme as default?

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Ed Marquez
Ed Marquez 2017-3-23
Yes, you can. I assume you are using a Windows PC and R2016b.
To change the style of the scope block permanently:
-Go to this folder in your computer: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2016b\toolbox\simulink\blocks\library
-Open the library file named 'simulink' and double click 'Sinks'.
-Unlock the library and modify the scope block to have the style that you want.
- Save that library and lock it again.
After that, all scopes that you use in Simulink will have the customized style. I hope this helps!

Felipe Bazo Roldán
Felipe Bazo Roldán 2018-11-22
编辑:Felipe Bazo Roldán 2018-11-22
Hi Ed, I did the steps as indicated on your answer, and I actually got to save the library simulink.slx file, as can be seen on the file attached. I tried quitting and restarting MATLAB and Simulink, but still when I run the simulation and open the scope, the default still has a black background. Also tried deleting the scopes on my simulation and inserting new ones, because maybe they had the default black background as an fixed attribute... still no help. Any ideas?


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