How to plot a scaled signal from oscilloscope

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评论: Allen Yang ,2018-11-22
Hello everyone. I am using the Tektronix oscilloscope and I want to plot the signals in real time on my computer. Tektronix has provided instructions for communicating with the scope in its programming manual, and there is also a code for acquiring data, but the data is in form of a vector, so I only get the right values of volts per division, but not the time. It shows the number of samples on the x scale, and I want it to be like on a scope - time/div. I-ve tried to change everything in the formula for data acquisition, but the only thing it changes is volt/div, because it somehow doesn't depend on time. Anybody have some idea how to get the data scaled with time? The code I used for this can be found here: TekScopeDataAcquisition
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Allen Yang
Allen Yang 2018-11-22
Hi, did you successfully plot the waveforms in real-time on the computer? I tried to read waveforms from tek oscilloscope. But the refresh rate was low and I can't display the wavefroms in real-time.


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Andrei Ursache
Andrei Ursache 2018-8-17
The easiest way to read a waveform from your Tektronix scope would be by using Quick-Control oscilloscope. With this approach, you would need to generate the waveform time values by using the AcquisitionTime and WaveformLength oscilloscope properties. For example, if o is your oscilloscope object:
y1 = readWaveform(o);
t = linspace(0, o.AcquisitionTime, o.WaveformLength);
plot(t, y1)
xlabel('Time (s)')
ylabel('Voltage (V)')
You might also find the following example app useful:

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