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GPU Computing MacBook Pro (Retina 15'' mid 2014) force computer to use attached Intel iris GPU, give MATLAB access to entire 2GB Nvidia 750M

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BMWv on 8 Apr 2017
Commented: BMWv on 8 Apr 2017
I am running MATLAB R2016B. My computer has two GPU's. My CUDA driver is up to date (8.0). I'd like to force my computer to only use one GPU, to enable MATLAB to access the other without the computer trying to borrow memory from it.
I realize turning off automatic graphics switching could force the MacBook to just use the Nvidia card, but MATLAB can't find the Intel iris GPU. When I enter
MATLAB finds the Nvidia GPU but not the Intel iris GPU. When I type
MATLAB says: Invalid CUDA device id: 2. Select a device id from the range 1:1. Please let me know of any suggestions!


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Michal Kvasnicka
Michal Kvasnicka on 8 Apr 2017
Edited: Michal Kvasnicka on 8 Apr 2017
Your computer has only one Cuda GPU device, not two. Intel graphics is not Cuda enabled device. So, you cannot access to Intel graphics by gpuDevice command.

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BMWv on 8 Apr 2017
That helps a little bit, but do you know how to prevent the Mac Graphics from using the Nvidia card so that MATLAB has full access to it?

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