Bidirectional concatenation using cat (image zero-padding)

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I am trying to zero-pad the borders of an image by a certain amount (xPad, yPad) using the cat function. It takes four lines of code to achieve this. For instance, for the padding in the y direction I have:
[x, y] = size(Image);
padI = cat(2, Image, zeros(x,yPad));
padI = cat(2, zeros(x,yPad),padI);
Is it possible to concatenate in both directions similataneously using a single line of code (i.e., using cat only once)?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Jan 2017-4-17
You could write a function for this purpose:
function ImgP = ImagePad(Img, xPad, yPad)
siz = size(Img);
ImgP = zeros(siz + 2 * [XPad, YPad], class(Img));
ImgP(XPad + 1:XPad + siz(1), YPad + 1:YPad + siz(2)) = Img;

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