How to use 'detect' function in computer vision toolbox

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I have an error while using computer vision toolbox.
I tried to use 'detect' function in my code but the error message said 'detect' is not defined. The Korean error massage you can see below means that it is not defined or not installed.
But other computer vision toolbox functions are properly working now....
For example... I tried to use 'trainACFObjectDetector' function and the error massage said that I need to put more input argument. At least it doesn't say that it is not defined...
I have no idea how to solve this problem.. I have properly installed computer vision toolbox...
Please, help me guys :0

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Ed Marquez
Ed Marquez 2017-5-18
编辑:Ed Marquez 2017-5-18
Hi ByungHyun,
MATLAB stores a list of toolboxes in a cache file.If you install a new toolbox, the cache file may not be updated. To resolve the issue, you can update the toolbox cache file by running the following command in MATLAB:
rehash toolboxcache
After running this command, restart MATLAB and run the "ver" command. It should list all of your installed toolboxes.
If you're still having issues, you can reset the MATLAB path by running the following command in MATLAB:
Then, restart MATLAB and run "ver" again. It should list all of your toolboxes again.
If the issue persists, the toolbox may have not been successfully installed. In this case, re-installing the toolbox may be a good approach.


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