How can I model radiative heat transfer onto a rotating cube?

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I would like help with modeling how heat is transferred around a rotating aluminum cube being heated by a constant beam of solar radiation. It would be nice to know how quickly it reaches thermal steady state as well.

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Ed Marquez
Ed Marquez 2017-5-18
编辑:Ed Marquez 2017-5-18
Hi Brennan,
I would recommend using Simscape for this type of application. Simscape is a an add-on toolbox for Simulink. Simscape allows you to do physical modeling, in which you work with components and physical connections. In addition, there are several domains in Simscape (Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, Magnetic, Fluids, and more). In addition, you can measure variables in the model just like you would in the real world (e.g: Voltage is measured in parallel, and current is measured in series).
As a starting point, I have provided a sample model (using R2017a) for convection and radiation heat transfer. Feel free to parameterize and modify the model to match your use case.
Also check the link below to learn more about how to use Simscape:

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