Auto-run Model named m-file

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Pekka Hautamäki
Pekka Hautamäki2017-5-16
I would like to auto-run m-file when I open Simulink model and this is something what you can do using callbacks. but... I would like to run m-file which one has same name with Simulink model when I open it.
Because in case that I have Simulink Model which one includes FPGA design, so this means that I need one m-file that I can do synthesis but after synthesis most of variable are useless and I would like to use second m-file when I integrate this model to the our system. Model has been renamed after synthesis "model_name" vs. "gm_model_name_slrt".
So is there any solution how I can auto-run m-file which one has same name as Simulink Model when I open it...?

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Ed Marquez
Ed Marquez 2017-5-19
You can use another script to run the script and open the model (you can determine the order). For instance, if you have a script called modeNameHere.m and a Simulink model called modelNameHere.slx, then you could write another simple script as follows:
open_system('modelNameHere') % opens the model
run('modelNameHere') % call the script after opening the model
You can also run a MATLAB-file during simulation (as if it were one of the blocks) using the Interpreted MATLAB Function.
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shahid rasheed
shahid rasheed 2018-6-3
Thank you so much, simple solution is very much appreciated every time.



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