How do I generate a video from images that I create on MATLAB?

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I am generating a missile simulation input for which I created a sequence of images using an iterative for loop. The code starts with a single aerial image using which I have generated a sequence of images that make it seem like the image is rotating. I used campan, camzoom, camva and drawnow to consecutively display the sequence of images when I run the code. It looks like a video of an aerial image rotating when I run the code. My problem is, that I need to extract a video from these generated images, and save it on my computer to use as input for the missile simulator. Please help.


Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2017-6-11
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Amulya Kallakuri
Amulya Kallakuri 2017-6-13
Sir, this is one portion of the code I have. Now, I need to generate a similar video with the resultant images. Please help? Thank you.
A = imread('aerial.jpg');
imshow(A, 'InitialMagnification', 'fit')
camtarget([3300 1500 0])
for i = 10:-0.1:9
for j = 4:8
campan(1, 0)
% imsave


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Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel 2017-6-11
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2019-11-17
There is a property of the video object created by VideoWriter that is FrameRate. Set it to the rate you want.


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