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How to create a GUI to import csv data and selectively create X-Y plots

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Alessandro A
Alessandro A on 27 Sep 2017
Hello All,
I would like to implement a Matlab GUI that helps me to plot the data from a csv spread sheet. This GUI should allow me to import the data from a csv matrix into Matlab and then it should allow me to plot XY graphs every time I click on the "plot" button (it should open a new figure for any new plot). Basically, if for example I want to plot Acceleration vs time (see the attached picture), I first set the axis X and Y and then I hit the button Plot. If I want a different plot then I just change X and Y. My knowledge of the Matlab code is very limited therefore I am here to ask if I can get an help from the community. In the meanwhile I have created the GUI and attached it to this message. </matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/89126/csv%20data%20plotter.png>
Thanks for your help


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