How to share multipliers while generating VHDL code in HDL Coder

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Agam Soni
Agam Soni2017-11-15
回答: Tim McBrayer ,2017-11-15
Hi.. I am trying to generate VHDL code for a subsystem (MATLAB 2017b). I want to turn multiplier sharing on but I do not see the option 'SharingFactor'. Can you please guide me as to how can I do this ?


Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer 2017-11-15
The sharing factor is available on each Subsystem as a HDL Block property, and is applied to all sharable content contained underneath that subsystem. You can choose which constructs are shared in the HDL Coder Configuration Parameters, On the Target and Optimizations pane, in the Resource sharing tab of the Optimizations section.

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