how to implement ar drone controller using matlab and simulink

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I'd like to implent a controller in ar drone using darenlee/Simulink ar drone target


Birdman 2017-11-26
If you are talking about a linear PID controller, then there is an already defined block in Control System Toolbox in Simulink. I could be more helpful if you can be more specific.
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Birdman 2017-11-26
Ok, in Simulink you can generate code for your PID controller using Embedded Coder(there are other coders but this is the most used one). Then open code generation report and see how the PID controller is implemented. The generated code is in C language, which is really easy to understand.
Build a simple model, generate code for it and see how PID is implemented.


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Briand 2017-11-27
The question is how PID is implemented? The generation of code C is not a problem but How to implement it on Quadcopter How to do it?
I have already implement a HDL code in FPGA with HDL Workflow Advisor but for C to ar drone We use what?



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