unsolved "initialization commands cannot be evaluated" error when trying to run simulink

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回答: Joel Van Sickel ,2021-8-18
I am using a R2011b matlab (32bits) which has a simulink demo "six-phase synchronous machine with pose-fault operating strategy". The six-phase syn motor is running fine with the mechanical power Pm as the mechanical input. However, whenever I switch the input to speed w, an initialization error prompts as:
Error due to multiple causes. --> Error in "Power 6phsyncmachine/Six Phase Synchronou Machine 240V 100KVA": Initialization commands cannot
be evaluated. --> Block choice 'Continuous' is not a valid member of 'Power 6phsyncmachine/Six Phase Synchronous Machine 240 100KVA/Mechanical model'
which is the cause?
Thank you!
Thank you!

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