How to fix a freedom in Simscape?

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Hi I am using the model from
I know MATLAB and Simulink, but I am a newbie for Simscape.
What I am trying to do is fix the Quadrotor's pitch and roll axis. So that the drone's pitch and roll will not change any more. In this way, I could tune the drone's altitude controller by itself first.
As a new guy of Simscape, I think I need to change some settings in Transform or 6 DOF joint. But I've no idea where to change. I am also confused about the difference between Transform and 6 dof joint.
Any one can give me some ideas? Thanks,
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Bo 2018-2-6
The part that I took screenshot is in Quadrotor_Controller.slx. You'll need to open the External Force block. Thanks.



Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit 2018-2-9
Replace the 6-DOF joint with a prismatic joint.

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