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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2018-5-16
评论: Dennis ,2018-5-17
Hello I have problem in plotting (2*2) loop matrix. My matrice code is as follow :
A=[cos(theta), 0 ; 0,sin(theta)];
I need to plot the matrix for each theta value, in my case there is 7 iterations (theta=0:pi/6:2*pi), it means 7 values of theta and 7 resulting matrices for each value of theta. For theta=0; A=[1, 0 ; 0, 0]; .... For theta=2*pi; A=[1, 0 ; 0, -2.4493e-16];
I need to plot all the values of A, but ploting dont give inside values.
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Rik 2018-5-16
What do you mean with plotting this matrix? Should one row be considered x-coordinate and the other y-coordinate? Should all values be plotted against their column position (which would result in two lines if you had chosen a line format)?
Aakash Deep
Aakash Deep 2018-5-16
You can not directly plot a matrix but if your data is stored in a matrix you have to plot row/column vectors individually. The variable theta don't store 7 values, there are 13 values in 0:pi/6:2*pi, if you want 7 values in this range use linspace instead.


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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2018-5-17
We need to get all the values of matrix A in every iteration and plot them not the final values.
close all
clear all
for a = 0:pi/6:2*pi;
r = 2;
x = sin (a);
y = cos(a);
z = r*(x+y);
A = [z 0 0;0 z 0;0 0 z];
disp (A)
plot (A, 'o')
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Dennis 2018-5-17
So you want 13 plots? How do you want to plot A? How does a [2 0 0; 0 2 0; 0 0 2] plot look like? You want to have a 3D plot?



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