Are more miniposters like "Preprocessing Time Series Data with MATLAB" available?

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Hi everyone, I recently got an email containing a link to a pdf version of a cheatsheet regarding "Preprocessing Time Series Data with MATLAB" and i really liked the format. Now my question is: Are there more "miniposters" like this available?
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Christopher Stokely
编辑:Christopher Stokely 2019-2-4
Assuming this is OK with MathWorks for me to post this image from the their webpage link in my previous post... Web Administrator: Please remove this post if it is not in compliance with MathWorks' policies.
The webpage is from a blog by MathWorks' Johanna Pingel titled: Best of 2018 – Deep Learning Edition 2



Heather Gorr
Heather Gorr 2019-2-4
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Christopher Stokely
I am putting together a bunch of cheat sheets too. I think all these cheatsheets will be very helpful during my next data science competition.
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Christopher Stokely
Hi Heather, a cheatsheet on file navigation would be very helpful. For example,
  • userpath
  • fullfile
  • fileparts
  • matlabroot
  • tempdir
Options for regression and classification modeling
  • fitrtree
  • fitrsvm
  • fitrensemble
  • fitrm
  • fitlme
  • fitlmematrix
  • fitglm
  • fitrkernal
  • fitlinear
  • fitlm
  • fitctree
  • fitcdisc
  • fitcknn
  • fitcnb
  • fitcsvm
  • fitcecoc
  • fitcensemle
  • fitckernal



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