GPU Coder Build error "No method 'isKey' with matching signature found for class 'containers.Map' "

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Ive been trying to compile a simple CUDA code using GPU coder but this error keeps occurring.
GPU Coder Build error "No method 'isKey' with matching signature found for class 'containers.Map' "
The code used is:
function [Val]=GPU_eig(Array)
%pagewise mutiplication of 8x8 matrices by 2
parfor i=1:pages
(I understand that there are better ways of doing this specific function (pagefun) but this is a building block for something else)
I am using the C compiler. System is a Windows 10 and ive had difficulty installing the c++ minGW compiler.
Ive used the same code except replacing the parfor with a for loop, and compiled successfully with MATLAB coder in C creating a MEX file.
I dont understand why the GPU coder is not detecting the libraries necessary to compile this, when ive accessed the isKey and Map class using the command window.
The GPU coder will successfully generate trial code, Build MEX and run the test file with MEX, but will fail at the generation step.
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lim daehee
lim daehee 2019-11-21
Did you eliminated mexfiles which have the same name of your function? If not, remove the prior mex file of your function, and try again.
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Ahmed Alfadhel
Ahmed Alfadhel 2020-4-15
I removed the perior mex files of my function . And I got the same error .
No method 'isKey' with matching signature found for class 'containers.Map'



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