Failed to load device plug-in

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I'm using the data acquisition toolbox and NI hardware to acquire data into MATLAB. I have installed all the latest drivers, toolbox and matlab versions and all my hardware devices are supported except for the cDAQ-9185 chassis. I have no problem creating sessions but I get the plug-in error when I try to add analog input channels. I don't think that the cDAQ-9185 Chassis is the problem because I can add analog output channels and occasionally I'm able to add analog input channels. I don't know what the problem is so any help is much appreciated.
Error: Failed to load device plug-in: 'mwnidaqmxai'. Check that the DAQ Toolbox and NIDAmx drivers are installed properly.
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Akihiko Watanabe
Akihiko Watanabe 2018-8-12
I have the same issue. I am using "NI USB-6009" ONLY. The Data Acquisition Tool supports this device. And the version of NI-DAQmx is 18.0.
I have tried an following example of Mathworks Website.
But following error occurs when "addAnalogInputChannel" function is executed.
Failed to load device plug-in: 'mwnidaqmxai'. Check that the DAQ Toolbox and NIDAQmx drivers are installed properly.
I am still suffering this issue.



Nirav Sharda
Nirav Sharda 2018-7-2
编辑:Nirav Sharda 2018-7-2
R2018a version of MATLAB requires NI-DAQmx 17.1 and you are using a different version. So, use the 17.1.0 version of NI-DAQmx which is supported by MATLAB R2018a by following the below instructions:
1. Uninstall existing NI-DAQmx version
2. Download and install NI-DAQmx 17.1.0
3. Reboot computer
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Abdul Rahman Samewoi
Hi, what if only analog input or digital input has the problem above? analog output and digital output are okay. I am using R2018a version of MATLAB and NI-DAQmx 17.1. Please advice me.


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Andrei Ursache
Andrei Ursache 2018-8-30
编辑:Andrei Ursache 2019-1-30
To resolve this issue you can upgrade/update to R2018b Update 1.
Please refer to the following bug report for a possible temporary workaround in R2018a. You can also opt in to receive automatic notifications when a fix is available for R2018a.
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Thomas Richner
Thomas Richner 2018-8-30
Yes, please take a look at this bug report. They accurately describe the problem, at least in my case.


Thomas Richner
Thomas Richner 2018-7-30
I get this error when I try to que too large a vector (~ few GB) to the analog out. If I decrease the size of the vector it works fine. So it seems the error code is largely unrelated to the actual cause.

Pirmin Boch
Pirmin Boch 2018-8-15
I have the same problem. Also after I uninstalled NI_DAQmx version 18 and installed NI_DAQmx version 17.1.
I use a NI PXIe 6363 and a NI PXIe 6238 and Matlab 2018a.
Does somebody have a solution for this problem?

Akihiko Watanabe
Akihiko Watanabe 2018-8-15
I found a countermeasure to reduce the occurrence frequency of this issue (NOT a perfect countermeasure). Even after this countermeasure sometimes the same issue occurs, but the occurrence frequency of this issue is very low on my PC.
This countermeasure is for Microsoft Windows only. Refer to following image also.
1. Launch the "System Configuration"
2. Click the Services tab.
3. Sort by manufacturer (Blue Box in the image).
4. Find the service of National Instruments.
5. Originally, the all services of National Instrument are turned on. Turn OFF these services except Red box in the image.
6. Click the OK button on the system configuration.
7. Reboot the OS.
<Image of "System Configuration (Japanese Version) >
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Pirmin Boch
Pirmin Boch 2018-8-15
These countermeasures unfortunately do not have any positive effect on my system.


Chaitanya Jha
Chaitanya Jha 2018-8-22
I am facing the same issue on Windows 10 while using NI USB-6221oem. This device is supported by Matlab. The problem arises when I am trying to add an Input or Output channel. It used to happen once or twice in a day, all other times it used to work perfectly in the last 2 months that I have used this NI device. Recently, in the last couple of days, it started to happen more frequently, but I was able to get rid of this issue by restarting my computer. However, from today, even the restarting the Windows doesn't help.

Abdul Rahman Samewoi
Have anyone solved this problem? I am facing the same problem using USB 6211 NI-DAQmx version 18.1 , Matlab 2018a and window 10.
I could load analog output and digital output channels but problem to load analog input channels that give : failed to load device plug-in: 'mwnidaqmxai'. check that the daq toolbox and nidaqmx drivers are installed properly.
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Aleksandr Sidun
Aleksandr Sidun 2019-5-23
You can try to write commands 'clear all','close all' to free up your RAM. It works in my case.
Also, you can try to reduce the sample size/sampling frequency to reduce the amount of data.

Qi Liu
Qi Liu 2021-8-3
I am also facing the similar issue on Windows 10 while using NI device PCI-6014. The version of my Matlab is R2018b with NI-DAQmx 18.0. (I am sure Matlab can get data from NI device while using NI MAX test panel and Matlab Analog Input Recorder APP). When I want to use simulink to control my NI device, I just load a block from library, and as you see in this picture the device was recognized. Then a tricky problem happened, I found memory is quickly filled even I didn't generate signal.
The Error: Failed to load device plug-in: 'mwnidaqmxai'. Check that the DAQ Toolbox and NIDAmx drivers are installed properly.
I tried using commands 'clear' and 'close all', but it dosen't works. Can anyone give me some advice?
Many thanks
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Andrei Ursache
Andrei Ursache 2021-8-3
编辑:Andrei Ursache 2021-8-3
To resolve this issue you can install R2018b Update 1 or use a more recent release (R2019a or later).
Please refer to the following bug report:



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