select parts of vector with loops

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So I know this is basic matlab stuff but I don't get it right now. lets say i have vector Y, now i want to remove values below a certain vallue from the first ten data points the second ten data points etc. I have to put in a loop so I can add more functions to it. What i mean is select from Y point 1:10,11:20,21:30 etc and do it with a loop.
Can someone help?
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Stephen23 2018-10-12
@ Kjell Lemmen: it is not very clear what you are trying to do. Please show us an example, complete with both input and output vectors.



Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit 2018-10-15
Y = rand(100, 3);
d = 10;
for k=1:size(Y, 1)/d
% Select a chunk of data from Y
index = d*(k-1)+1:d*k;
Ytemp = Y(index, :);
% Do what you want to Ytemp
% Put the data back in Y
Y(index, :) = Ytemp;

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