joining Simscape Hydraulics to Multibody

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For my internship I am modeling the actuation of a telescopic beam. The lifting, tilting and extending functions of the beam are hydraulic actuated. At the moment I have a functioning model in Simscape Multibody with a closed loop actuation by a PI controller. This PI controller directly controls the extension of the hydraulic cylinders but now I want to control the system by actuate a hydraulic valve. I have already tried some things but I cant get it work the way I want to.
I have tried to put a damper and spring between the cylinder and force sensor but that wont help either. In some models online I also see the use of a velocity source. Where should I place that in the model?
I hope someone can help me with this problem.
Thank you,
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Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit 2018-12-12
I suggest you have a look a the model "Hydraulic Actuator with 1D Mechanical Ports" from the Simscape Multibody Multiphysics Library .

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